Tesla claims solar roof tiles work out cheaper than conventional roofs over time

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Tesla has announced that it’s solar roof tiles will cost $231 per square metre, which it says is cheaper than conventional roofing when energy savings are factored in.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles turn sunlight into readily available power which can also be stored in a Powerwall battery for consumption in the evenings.


Affordability of Solar Roof tiles

Source: Tesla

In the blog section of its website, Tesla said the Solar Roof is more affordable than conventional roofs because in most cases, it ultimately pays for itself by reducing or eliminating a home’s electricity bill.

Back in May 2017, we reported that “Elon Musk launches solar roof tiles”, but Tesla has not yet managed to make a breakthrough in the Australian market.

Tesla said consumers can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof, which works out to $231 per square metre.

Tesla’s Solar Roof uses two types of tiles—solar and non-solar. Looking at the roof from street level, the tiles look the same. Customers can select how many solar tiles they need based on their home’s electricity consumption. Tesla has also created a Solar Roof calculator that lets customers estimate the upfront price of Solar Roof, as well as the value of the energy it can generate for their premises.

The calculator is based on factors including the size of the roof, the average local price of electricity, and how much sunlight is received throughout the year.

As shown in the graph below, the cost of non-solar tiles is comparable to regular roofing tiles. Tesla says that although the cost of our solar tiles is more expensive up front, it can be more than offset by the value of energy the tiles produce. Tesla said that in many cases, the reduction in an electricity bill over time will be greater than the cost of the roof.


Solar Roof tile durability

Made with tempered glass, the tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles, yet half the weight.

They do not degrade over time like asphalt or concrete. Tesla said that its product is the most durable roof available and the glass itself will come with a warranty for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.

You can pre-order your Solar Roof from Tesla against a deposit of $1,310 on the company’s website.


Solar alternatives

Behind the meter rooftop solar installations are a great way to make savings for your business. Rooftop solar can also be linked to a battery pack to give you control over when you use the power you generate.

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