Rate Minimisation

Account Structure Optimisation

Volatility in retail energy market regulations and tariffs and fluctuations in site specific energy consumption is resulting in energy tariff allocation anomalies for many business electricity consumers. Our detailed analysis of your consumption patterns and billing data will reveal if you are paying out more than you should due to being on an unsuitable account setup.

Leading Edge’s experts have a comprehensive understanding of the criteria driving market and tariff suitability. As soon as we identify tariff plan anomalies, we will present you with a detailed report and an optimised setup for your business.

We will instruct the retailer to re-structure your account accordingly – which will deliver immediate financial savings of between 7-15%. We can do this before even putting your contract out to tender, which will ultimately result in even more savings.

Client Outcomes:

Expert advice on optimisation opportunities
Report with detailed forecast of quantified savings
Save time dealing with energy retailers

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