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Refer your commercial, industrial, and multisite customers and associates to an energy expert you can trust. Join us as a Channel Partner – let’s create a more energy-efficient and supportive business landscape together.

Leading Edge Energy believes that trust is everything in business. That’s how we operate – by building relationships grounded in trust. If you think the same way and want to help your clients and associates receive proper guidance and support from trustworthy and experienced energy experts – we invite you to become a Leading Edge Energy Channel Partner.

Become a Leading Edge Energy Channel Partner

Why should you become one?

Because you value trust and want to help other businesses meet their energy efficiency and net-zero goals through the tested and reliable advice of trusted energy management consultants of Leading Edge Energy.


Aside from providing your products and services, you go beyond by helping other businesses save money on energy.

2Access to Experts

Dedicated experts will guide your referred companies in managing their energy consumption and costs.

3They Save. You Earn.

In addition to boosting engagements with clients and partners, by helping them save on energy, you’ll receive incentives from us.

Sound good? But how can you apply to be a Channel Partner and earn a generous commission?


Fill in our application form


Meet and Greet – Let’s chat about your viability as a channel partner


Sign our Agreement


Congrats! You’re now a Leading Edge Energy Channel Partner!

Become a Leading Edge Energy Channel Partner

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.