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Network tariffs – What are they and is your business paying more than it should be?

Mike Carabott | Blog

Network charges account for between 30 and 60 per cent of an average Australian energy bill and a shift towards cost-reflective pricing models for network tariffs could result in your ...

May 2021 Energy Market Review

Katy Horan | Blog News

In May 2021 we saw that the energy futures market price reversal is in full swing with contracts now trading up to 28% off February lows. The price increases have ...

CS Energy faces $200 million bill to repair Callide C coal power station after massive explosion

Mike Carabott | Blog

CS Energy will repair Callide C power station for a hefty bill to the tune of $200 million, putting to rest speculation by the Queensland state government that the plant ...

What you should know about your electricity contract when buying or selling a business

Val Calma | Blog

Buying or selling a business is a huge undertaking even for the savviest of entrepreneurs. And often there are a few factors to take into consideration. When a profitable, operating ...

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