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Wholesale electricity prices to remain stable until 2023 if big batteries, hydro, and gas- peaking plants firm up renewables

Mike Carabott | News

The volume of renewable energy generated, rooftop solar uptake, falling coal and gas prices and lower demand have all contributed to wholesale electricity spot prices, which are currently the lowest ...

Australia’s electricity supply ‘moderate to critical’ for 2020 as government flirts with 50 percent renewable energy target for 2030

Mike Carabott | Blog News

Australia’s electricity supply security was moderate to critical for 2020, with no improvement over 2019 as preventing power blackouts becomes more difficult due to cheaper but weather-dependent renewable energy sources ...

November Energy Market Review

Katy Horan | Blog News

It was a remarkable year in the electricity futures markets as we experienced record-low prices – the lowest in five years, throughout 2020. In November, we observed that all states ...

Ausgrid to trial standalone power systems to help get rural customers off the grid

Mike Carabott | Blog News

Electricity distributor Ausgrid is searching for partners to offer standalone power systems (SAPs) based around solar and battery storage for customers who are looking to move off the grid.  Ausgrid ...

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