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Understanding the basics of climate change

Mike Carabott and Ewen Beard | Blog News

Climate change used to be associated with vague possibilities in the far distant future, but catastrophic bushfires, biblical floods and other extreme weather events seem to have triggered the world’s ...

August 2021 Energy Market Review

Katy Horan | Blog News

The steep price gains of the last few months slowed down in August but showed no signs of reversing. Another month of notable renewable output took the steam out of ...

AGL’s Bayswater future in doubt as Australia’s largest energy user announces move to renewable energy

Ben Wallington and Mike Carabott | Blog News

The future of one of Australia’s largest coal-fired power stations – AGL’s Bayswater – has been called into question after its largest customer, aluminium smelter Tomago, announced that it aims ...

New paid solar export plans will allow uncapped selling of electricity into the grid

Mike Carabott | Blog News

Rooftop solar owners will be able to export some excess solar generation into the grid under new rules issued by the Australian Energy Market Commission but will have to sign ...

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