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Bitcoin Mining in Australia – Solving the Energy problem with Demand Response

Mike Carabott | Blog News

The recent historic six-year lows in wholesale electricity prices have suddenly made Bitcoin mining in Australia a very real possibility, especially if mining labs are hooked up directly to renewable ...

Federal Government announces Hotel Energy Uplift grant for hotels and motels

Val Calma | Blog News

The hospitality industry took some hard blows last year, starting with the ‘Black Summer’ bushfires from early 2020 up to the COVID-19 restrictions, which are still ongoing in some form ...

Electricity supply side response to ultra-low wholesale energy prices kicks in as Origin shuts unit at 2,880 MWh Eraring coal plant

Mike Carabott | Blog News

The electricity supply side response to plummeting wholesale energy prices has begun with Origin Energy shutting down generation in one of its units at the massive 2880 MW coal-fired Eraring ...

Coal becomes unprofitable with market volatility and price hikes likely to return in the medium term

Mike Carabott | Blog News

Wholesale electricity prices are at a six-year low, but market volatility and price hikes are likely to return in the medium term as coal becomes unprofitable and power plants close ...

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