How to read Leading Edge Energy’s Natural Gas Invoice & Usage Summary

Learn how to read your monthly natural gas invoice verification report so you can manage your costs

Leading Edge Energy sends our commercial and industrial (C&I) market customers a monthly Natural Gas Invoice and Usage Summary via email. This report contains key information such as monthly and daily usage and costs which will help customers manage and control how they consume their gas allocation as well as how they can plan their budget.

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Annual Contracted Quantity (ACQ)

The agreed maximum volume of gas the network must deliver.

Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ)

The agreed maximum quantity of Natural Gas a customer is entitled to each day before being subject to Energy Overrun Charges.

Monthly Billing Summary

Displays the breakdown of monthly Natural Gas charges by category for the last 12 months.

Energy Overrun Charges

These are charges the customer is required to pay if consumption exceeds the contracted Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ).

Daily Usage Summary

Displays daily Natural Gas usage over the billing period with Energy Overrun Charges highlighted.

Daily Allowance Usage

These are days on which natural gas usage has exceeded the Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) and may therefore subject the customer to Energy Overrun Charges.

Annual Cumulative VS. Monthly Contracted Cumulative

This graph displays how the customer’s monthly Natural Gas usage is accumulating against the Annual Contracted Quantity. This is shown in gigajoules (GJ).

Usage Overrun

The volume of Natural Gas used by the customer that exceeds the contracted Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ).

Actual Cumulative Usage

This is the actual volume of Natural Gas consumed by the customer each month, cumulatively, not including the Usage Overrun for the month.

Contracted Minimum Volume

The smallest volume of Natural Gas the customer should consume monthly. Using less than this agreed-upon amount may lead to “take-or-pay” charges.

Leading Edge Energy’s Natural Gas Invoice and Usage Summary report can help you understand your gas consumption and how your gas bills are broken down. You may use this as a guide if you want to adjust how your business uses gas – should you use less or more gas during a certain month? How can you improve this so you’re more efficient? Are you exceeding your Annual Contracted Quantity or are you not meeting the Contracted Minimum Volume? Our report can help you find the answers to these questions so you can make energy-smart decisions.

And of course, if you need assistance, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our Energy Experts.

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