Solar Energy and Storage Procurement

Installing a rooftop solar generation system is becoming more affordable and when coupled with a battery, your business can reap financial rewards and decrease its carbon footprint.

To assist those thinking about switching to solar energy, Leading Edge Energy makes the procurement process for solar energy and battery storage easier. We do this by running a full analysis on the best solution available, tendering for the recommended system, and providing analysis and breakdown on return on investment.

Solar Energy Tenders

Despite the financial and energy risk management benefits that solar energy offers, businesses have been slow to adopt the technology. This is likely due to confusion caused by a very competitive and noisy solar industry. LEE’s Solar Energy Tender service aims to cut through all that by presenting the best possible options suited to your business requirements so you can make a confident and well-informed investment.

This involves rationalising the process of designing the system and specifying requirements with installers and suppliers. This helps us ensure that the photovoltaic (PV) system providers will use the same specifications when they draw up a tailor-made quote so you can see all options out on the market on a like-for-like basis.

Our service includes system design, specification and tender outcome reporting.

We also provide our clients with monitoring and support for the system to ensure it is working correctly for the life of the system – as long as you remain a customer through our rates service.

Battery Storage Solutions

Battery storage, which is meant for reserving energy for later use like during blackouts or during energy demand peaks, is becoming more affordable and it is especially cost-effective when used in tandem with a solar energy generation system.

Leading Edge Energy can evaluate your current PV system and give advice on whether battery storage could be a useful addition to reduce peak energy charges and demand/capacity charges.

Aside from solar and storage procurement solutions, Leading Edge Energy provides other services dedicated to helping customers from the commercial and industrial sector manage their energy use and save money in the process.

Learn more about our offerings such as multi-site tendering for companies with several locations, assessing site lighting or heating and cooling systems for improving energy efficiency, and more.