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Leading Edge Energy helps business owners control their energy consumption and costs through our advanced technology and streamlined processes. Our services, detailed below, allow clients to make informed decisions about their energy use more easily and effectively.

Monitoring & Account Management

Leading Edge Energy provides energy consumption monitoring analysis and reporting to help you understand when, where and how your business uses electricity. By studying data on your invoices and usage, we will identify areas of potential improvement and eliminate unnecessary waste.

In our experience, one in 20 invoices we analyse contains some form of a billing error, network tariff misallocation or anomaly that requires further investigation.

Why? Simple! Because most large market electricity invoices in Australia are complicated by design. Unless you have an in-depth understanding of the billing system, it’s next to impossible to identify errors, so instances of overcharging go unnoticed.

Our Solution

We designed our invoice validation service to protect you from billing errors and network tariff anomalies. We provide this complimentary service to all our commercial and industrial electricity clients.

To resolve invoicing issues, our cost analysis experts assess and enter the content of each invoice into our validation system, Energin. To check that everything is in line with the retail supply agreement. We investigate all irregularities and resolve errors for you, to ensure that you’re not paying one cent more than you should.

The validation process includes a review of:

  • Energy charges
  • Network charges
  • Environment charges
  • Market charges
  • Metering and service charges
  • Line losses

Detailed Consumption Analysis

Leading Edge Energy provides an energy consumption and reporting service that helps you identify when and where your business is using energy. Our 24/7 online reporting portal gives you close to real-time results on your energy usage.

We also provide detailed email reporting and alerts in the event of unusual consumption data. These tools help you take direct control of your energy consumption and identify any problem areas so they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Real-time Consumption Management

How much does it cost to cool your business premises? How much does it cost your company to keep the lights on after hours? How much would your business save if you adjusted your setup?

Energy invoices tell users very little about how their business consumes energy. While detailed meter reports fill in the blanks left by retail energy bills, the data isn’t real-time and does not provide a clear picture of circuit-based energy data.

Our Solution

Our main goal at Leading Edge Energy is to empower you and other business owners by providing tools for closely monitoring and controlling your consumption of electricity and other utilities, supported by detailed, real-time data to improve profit margins. Knowing how your business consumes energy lets you identify areas of unnecessary and high consumption and pinpoint opportunities for cutting costs.

Without the convenience of access to real-time consumption data, you won’t be able to act promptly enough to reduce unnecessary spending due to inefficiencies and waste. We offer a range of reputable, advanced energy monitoring and verification solutions suited for commercial and industrial applications to help you keep on top of your business’ electricity usage in real-time. User-friendly on-site, PC, web and mobile device interfaces grant simple access to electricity consumption data anywhere, anytime.

Account management

While your new energy contract may only be for a short, fixed period, we are committed to delivering your business cost savings over the long-term. We do this by managing any communication required with retailers, managing transfers, setting up accounts and resolving any billing errors in the future.

Our goal is to save you time, hassle and to deliver even further cost savings as opportunities arise, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Our account management provides realistic, on-going savings of around 2%.

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