Watch: How Nevada beat the energy lobby to bring affordable solar back

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The US state of Nevada was a flourishing area for the development of affordable solar installations, but then the large scale energy providers stepped in to price smaller operators out of the market.

Watch this video report featured on Years of Living Dangerously by Saturday Night Live journalist Cecily Strong to find out how people fought back and brought affordable solar energy back to the state by protesting on the streets and petitioning the authorities for their right to solar. Under the banner “Don’t block the sun”, Nevada’s citizens have the right to solar energy once again.

Affordable solar in Nevada

The report features an interview with former utility company worker Bryan Miller who spills the beans of the big retailers’ tactics. He tells the reporter how he and others were ordered to lobby against solar installations, particularly rooftop solar, because it was the first and most direct form of competition that energy retailers were facing.

Homeowners could produce their own electricity cheaper than they could buy it off the grid. But that all changed overnight as power companies were allowed to ramp up their rates. This forced smaller companies out. The issue was reported extensively, particularly in The Guardian back in 2016.

The people of Nevada took to the streets and directly petitioned the state courts to overturn the state of affairs which was giving big utility companies an unfair advantage.

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