Keys to business recovery: Energy efficiency and relationship-building

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With business recovery on everyone’s minds as we navigate the New Normal, operating smarter while controlling costs has become even more important. And one step towards these is finding truly trustworthy energy-saving advice without having to risk it all, especially since business owners already have many uncertainties weighing on their minds. Businesses want to be assured that they can fully entrust their energy management efforts to a reliable and knowledgeable energy expert. And this is where Leading Edge Energy comes in.

Why should you approach Leading Edge Energy for your business recovery energy saving?

Since Leading Edge Energy started in the energy brokerage and consultancy business in 2013, it has been our mission to help companies in Australia manage energy costs better. And in these precarious times, our services are really suited to supporting companies that want to do that so they can reinvest in their business. After all, that’s where our expertise lies: giving independent energy-saving advice and finding ways to make energy more affordable for businesses, pandemic or not.

Our (not-so-secret) weapons

How do we accomplish our mission so well? We employ our arsenal of industry know-how and our long-standing relationships with some of the country’s top electricity, natural gas, and solar providers. But perhaps our most important secret weapon is our dedicated, trustworthy, and skilled customer service delivered by our entire team but especially Leading Edge Energy’s Energy Management Consultants (our Energy Experts).

Our Energy Experts are especially talented in developing an understanding of each of our clients unique set of business requirements and tailoring a solution that meets their energy-saving goals.

How developing trust works for you, and for us

One of Leading Edge Energy’s clients is Devitt Wholesale Meats, a 40-year-old traditional butcher shop based in NSW. As a food-related business, Devitt’s has a lot of refrigeration needs and this, as part of the Wholesale and Retail game, comes with extremely high bills each month. Wondering if it was the norm to pay so much, they came to us for an obligation-free consultation, also asking if there was anything Leading Edge could do.

Energy Expert Ewen Beard says, “Devitt’s was concerned with how much their commercial refrigeration cost on their bills each month. So I conducted a thorough inspection of their billing and behaviour, and went on a face-to-face visit of their site to see how Leading Edge Energy could lighten their outgoings.”

Through his review, Ewen was able to find a solution that was developed over time and delivered significant savings for Devitt Wholesale Meats.

He explains, “With Devitt’s, as we normally do, we took a nuanced and holistic approach. We don’t rush clients to decide – we know this can have a big impact since contracts can run for months or years. When they were ready, we helped Devitt’s by recommending they install rooftop solar panels. But our relationship with them has been ongoing and we’ve found even more ways to help them attain their goals.

That first step of generating a large portion of their business’ electricity onsite already had a significant effect on the company’s energy spend. But Leading Edge Energy’s process leaves no stone unturned. So over the course of 18 months, we collaborated with Devitt’s to ensure that we carefully identified all the ways to manage their electricity spend. Between the solar panels, lighting upgrades and optimising their network tariffs, these changes delivered 70% lower daily access charges and lower demand charges that are more appropriate to the size of the business.

Great results and an ongoing relationship

Happy with the outcome of our partnership, business owner Kell Driver of Devitt Wholesale Meats says, “As a family-owned company that  values passion, responsibility, and commitment to giving the best to the community we serve, we’re thrilled that we found an energy broker that extended the same code to us.

Leading Edge Energy and Ewen truly came through for us when we needed help managing our electricity expenses! They were easy to talk to, they took charge of the legwork involved in making the changes to our contract, and their advice on how to save on electricity worked for us. We also loved that they didn’t hurry us through the decision-making process; instead, they made sure that we were comfortable with the course taken and could clearly feel the savings made.”

On our part, Leading Edge Energy is glad to have earned such an established business’ trust and we’re keen to keep it. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to guide Devitt’s, and all the clients we’ve worked with, along their journeys to energy efficiency especially now that we’re all looking forward to business recovery.

Let us be a part of your business recovery

Do you need an Energy Expert to help you on your way to business recovery? Your business can also benefit from Leading Edge Energy’s holistic process and our Energy Experts’ dedication, just like Devitt Wholesale Meats. If you want to start right away, simply fill out our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about our services and how we’ve helped various businesses, check out our case studies section. You can also call us at 1300-852-770 or drop us a line at We’re always glad to hear from companies looking to become more grid-independent!

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.