Why you should engage an Energy Management Consultant

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In Australia, high energy prices are the new normal and according to politicians, this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.

A recent report from the public policy think tank Grattan Institute stated that Australian businesses will continue to feel the squeeze from their electric bills for a long time; so they should start looking at ways to minimise their dependence on the grid and reduce their consumption.

Given the situation, it’s really not unexpected that many business owners will end up asking themselves: “Where do I even start?”

And Leading Edge Energy’s Energy Management Consultants (EMCs) can provide the answers.

Take away the stress and leave it to an energy management expert

high electricity prices can be very stressful

Budgeting and adjusting your energy consumption to soften the blow of rising energy prices can be a taxing exercise for sure, but did you know that you can save up to 80% on lighting, 60% on air-conditioning and 30% on refrigeration? Or the fact that power factor correction can knock up to 25% off your peak demand charge? Because that’s exactly the sort of energy- and money-saving information our energy management consultants bring to the table, and more.

Through our expertise, we helped the Capricorn Hotel in Queensland reduce their energy spend by between $60,000 and $80,000 per year by switching to a market contract. We also managed to secure Bishop’s Real Estate savings of $15,000 per year by adjusting their network tariffs. And through our EMCs’ intervention, the historic Sir Joseph Banks Hotel is now paying $2,500 less per year than they originally did in Direct Metering Agreement fees after signing up with Leading Edge Energy.

Leading Edge Energy has helped hundreds of businesses across Australia drastically reduce their energy spend. Our abilities in energy management have served clients from many industries including hospitality, education, leisure, farming, aged care, and many more energy-intensive businesses.

How do we do it?

We look at the bigger picture to identify a wide range of solutions that will reduce your energy spend.

This means focusing on securing market contracts at cheaper than retail or fixed-rate contracts so that we are able to knock tens of thousands of dollars off your energy spend. We also audit business sites and propose the best rooftop solar systems and power storage solutions.

To kick things off and demonstrate our commitment to helping business owners become more energy-efficient, Leading Edge Energy also provides a free energy audit to establish where your business wastes energy and recommend appropriate and applicable solutions such as energy-saving lighting, power factor correction, and refrigeration controllers, depending on what your company needs.

Energy Management Consultants can broker your energy rates

The National Energy Market is subject to demand and supply and this causes price fluctuations, making it harder for energy users to budget their electricity or gas spending and adjust their consumption accordingly.

Leading Edge Energy’s EMCs are trained experts in the field who monitor the wholesale market in real-time. This means being able to pinpoint the right time to lock in your large market contract, as well as the term of the contract you should sign up for.

Constantly monitoring the energy market, as well as other external factors that can affect prices like power station closures or new roll-outs of renewable projects, Leading Edge Energy’s EMCs know when and how the market will react to conditions and we can advise you accordingly.

 Third-party billing verification

energy management

 Bills are confusing because they are actually designed to be that way. Our energy management consultants are trained to look at bills and be able to instantly break them down to analyse them to ensure that you are not paying more than you should.

Part of this process is ensuring that you are on the right network tariff. Network tariffs are charges for the maintenance of poles and wires that account for between 50 and 70% of your bill; and based on our experience, a substantial number of businesses pay a much higher tariff than what’s appropriate.

Our job is to step in and make sure businesses are placed in the right energy business plan by verifying your annual consumption, determining if you’re paying the correct tariff. And if you aren’t, applying interventions that will correct this such as advising you on how to reduce your consumption, so you can make big savings every year.

Rooftop solar and storage

Our energy management consultants can give you advice on rooftop solar

One of the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs is by installing rooftop solar systems, coupled with battery storage. We offer solar feasibility studies at no charge and our energy management consultants can provide independent estimates of the benefits, costs, and returns from solar, helping you make an informed decision.

We compare like with like and advise you on the best systems to install in terms of cost-effectiveness and return on investment. There are many different models to choose from, including ownership installs or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Our Energy Management Consultants will evaluate your budget and situation and advise you on the best way forward.

Get in touch

Ask our experts for advice, obligation-free. Our mission is to reduce your energy spend and the stress that comes with having to contend with Australia’s exorbitant energy prices, and we’re fully committed to helping you achieve your energy-efficiency goals.

Call us today on 1300 852 770 or email us at hello@leadingedgeenergy.com.au and we’ll be happy to get you on track!

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.