$50 million in energy-saving grants up for grabs in 2020

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Up to $50 million in energy-saving grants will become available to assist businesses in improving their energy efficiency practices under the Commonwealth’s Energy Efficient Communities programme. The grants seek to remove 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which would otherwise have ended up in the atmosphere, and help businesses reduce their power bills.

What is covered by the energy saving grants?

  • Equipment upgrades that reduce energy consumption
  • Energy generation and storage projects (for example solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and solar hot water) will only be permitted for community organisations
  • Investment in energy and emissions monitoring and management systems to better manage energy use
  • Completion of energy systems assessments according to the Australian Standard or feasibility studies to investigate energy efficiency opportunities

When do applications open?

  • Eligible businesses will be able to apply for grants by January 2020
  • Eligible community organisations will be able to apply for grants from 1 September 2019

 Who can apply for funding?

Energy-saving grants will be made available for:

  • Small businesses
  • Businesses that consume large amounts (over 0.05 petajoules) of energy each year
  • Community organisations

Definitions of the businesses that can seek funding will be refined during program design.

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