What is RERT and why is my business being billed for it?

The Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) is a mechanism put in place when available electricity supply in the market cannot meet forecast demand and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) puts out a call for additional electricity capacity to be made available to the grid. This capacity comes from sources that are not otherwise available to the market.

RERT reserves:

Typical sources are:

  • Load curtailment: Large energy users switching off or curtailing demand for electricity. Eg. Aluminium smelters
  • Additional generation: Generation capacity that is not available to the market that can be brought online.  Eg. Batteries

Recent RERT events:

The RERT was activated on five occasions from 30 December 2019 to 31 January 2020 as a result of the bush fires and summer heatwaves.

Date Location
30 December 2019Victoria
4 January 2020NSW
23 January 2020NSW
31 January 2020NSW
31 January 2020Victoria

When the RERT mechanism is activated, there is a cost involved in administering the process and to also compensate the large energy users and generators who participate in the emergency response.  This cost is passed on by AEMO to energy retailers who in turn pass it onto you, the customer.

AEMO – RERT charges on invoices

As a result, many commercial and industrial electricity users began to receive electricity invoices on 20 February with these additional costs factored into their bills.

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The RERT event occurred on 30/12/2019. 
This resulted in AEMO incurring costs that are passed to the retailer and in turn to users. Commercial & Industrial energy users are currently seeing these RERT charges on February invoices.

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