$85,000 per annum saving after rates fix for Sydney Freezers

We helped Sydney Freezers reduce their energy spend by a whopping $85,000 per annum by tendering for energy on the wholesale market and optimising their accounts.


Before engaging Leading Edge Energy, Sydney Freezers energy profile was on default rates after their energy contract expired, resulting in grossly inflated energy bills.

The situation was impacting on the company’s operations and the management tasked LEE with finding ways to drive down their energy spend.

What we did

The first thing we did was compare the options which were available to the default rates which the company was paying.

A thorough analysis soon established that the best way forward would be to tender for a wholesale contract, given that conditions were more favourable than other retail contracts.

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Our Energy Management Consultants monitored the market and identified the best time to go to tender, with the most advantageous rates.

Leading Edge Energy secured the deal, which resulted in Sydney Freezers reducing their energy spend by a whopping $67,000 per annum.

We also looked at a secondary small business account held by Sydney Freezers which was set up incorrectly.

We changed this account to a large business account which resulted in an additional direct saving of $18,000 per annum.

The end result was a total reduction of $85,000 per annum.

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