A fresh deal for Mint Fresh IGA stores

Leading Edge Energy delivered significant savings on electricity spend for Mint Fresh IGA stores, with estimates ranging from 9-14% annually, by renewing their contracts in advance. The Westleigh store, on the other hand, was able to garner an amazing 30% saving on their annual electricity spend by moving the site from a small business energy plan on to a commercial contract.

The situation

Electricity is a major overhead for grocery stores. Knowing this, Leading Edge Energy was introduced to Mint Fresh IGA’s director Antoine Rizk with a proposal for managing the electricity spend at Westleigh IGA and subsequently three further stores.  

What we did

Our energy expert Ewen Beard reviewed the store’s contract and found that they were on an inappropriate small business electricity agreement. Moving the business to a large business contract delivered savings of 30% per annum. Ewen then obtained futures contracts for his three other stores taking advantage of the rock bottom prices currently available out to 2025. To streamline the energy management processes going forward Ewen has aligned the contract periods across the four stores. This means Antoine can focus on his business and not worry about electricity contracts at any of the stores until renewal time.

“Reaching out to Leading Edge was a great decision for my business. Ewen read the market and secured an excellent deal that will save me about $33,000 a year. And by streamlining the bills across the four stores he has saved me a lot of time, when contract renegotiation time comes up again we can do it all in one go.” 

-Antoine Rizk, Managing Director of MintFresh IGA

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