Consumption analysis results in $12,000 energy savings for dairy farms

Sustainable dairy farms Gippsland Jersey and Dairy Cropping made a saving of $12,000 per annum after consumption analysis and market reclassification. 

In August 2021, Energy Management Consultant Ewen Beard reached out to Steve, the Managing Director of Gippsland Jersey, to explore whether they could make any savings on their energy bills.

Ewen soon realised that Gippsland Jersey was on a small market contract, but was in fact consuming enough electricity to be placed on a large market contract.

Ewen requested large market offers from multiple retailers and the winning offer was able to reduce the bill from $34,400 to $29,000, a saving of 15 per cent.

In addition, the factory was given the opportunity to lock in these lower rates for five years, whereas on the previous contract, rates were subject to change at the end of every financial year.

After registering such a positive result, Steve asked Ewen if there was an opportunity to make savings at his farm, Dairy Cropping. 

Ewen applied the same analysis and converted the farm to a large market contract, reducing the bill by 17 per cent from $27,700 to $22,900.

Steve was also able to lock in those rates for four years. 

Ewen also put out a competitive tender for wholesale electricity for another SME site within Gippsland Jersey which was on a separate account and brought the annual spend for this operation down to $7,200 from $9,000.

The combined saving of all sites is $12,000 per annum.

“As a sustainable farm that believes in paying farmers a fair price for their milk, we are really happy that Ewen helped us make these savings as we can pass some of it on to other farmers” – Steve, Managing Director Gippsland Jersey

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