Leading Edge Energy helped Hong Meat Supermarket save $28,000 per annum

Leading Edge Energy recently helped Hong Meat Supermarket make a $28k yearly saving on its energy bills across two sites.

The small supermarket chain had already taken steps to reduce costs and carbon footprint by installing solar panels and LED lighting, but the owners were unaware that more savings could be made through administrative changes.

Owner YiaLian Zheng was referred to us by Acro Cool, their cold room installers.

Energy Management Consultant Ying Chan spoke to the owners and asked them for billing and account data for their two sites at Cabramatta and Eastwood.

Once she received the data and documents, Ying realised that the two sites were in a small market classification and that savings could be made if they switched to a large market contract.

Ying handled the reclassification exercise which saved the client $28,000 per annum over a 55-month contract. 

The client approached Leading Edge Energy once more in August 2021 when they were setting up a new supermarket in St Mary’s. 

Leading Edge Energy explained that we could handle the wholesale tendering process which is a complicated and time-consuming exercise.

Ying scoured the market for the best possible deal, locking in the most favourable rates for the new site up to the year 2025.

“Ying explained to us the difference between small and large market contracts in a way that we could understand. We did not know all the complexities of the energy market and did not realise we could make such a large saving. She also helped us set up a new account for our new store in St Mary’s and lock in the best rates on the wholesale market,”– Hong Meat Supermarket owner YaLian Zheng.

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