Leading Edge saves NSW coed school from high power bills

The situation

A co-educational school in Blacktown, New South Wales was looking for ways to decrease their electricity costs. At the time, they were spending just over $100k per year on average to power their operations.

What we did

When the school’s management approached Leading Edge Energy to find out if there was any way they could reduce costs, we jumped into action. We started by analysing their bills and how they consumed electricity. 

Through the data analysed, Energy Expert Madonna Ghajar was able to find providers among our industry partners that could meet the operating requirements of an educational institution of that size and offer a good deal. And because we’re always updated with the National Energy Market, we were able to lock the coed school into an electricity contract when the market was showing extremely low prices. This meant that they would be paying better rates throughout their new contract, allowing the school savings of up to 23% of what they were originally paying. 

Additionally, Madonna was able to determine another way for the academic institution to save money on their power bills: installing rooftop solar panels! As it turns out, their roofs are perfect for solar and they’re now in the midst of finalising the setup for their site.

On their experience working with Leading Edge Energy for their energy cost reduction, a representative of the NSW-based coed school sent their review saying, ‘Leading Edge’s help has been invaluable. We don’t normally have the time to compare energy deals and the like, but Madonna took the lead and has made it so much easier for us. We’re excited about the school’s solar energy installations – not only are we going to be saving money on our power bills, but we’ll also be ‘green.’ Thank you, Leading Edge Energy!’

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