We helped Dawn Tools save $15,000 per year through market reclassification

Your business could be paying way over what it should be for electricity if it is not placed in the correct consumption category.

Energy Management Consultant Milad Samiee first engaged with Dawn Tools in September 2021.

When auditing the company’s energy consumption, Milad soon realised that Dawn Tools were classified under a small market contract.

Dawn Tools were consuming enough energy to be placed under a large market contract. After successfully applying for market reclassification, the company has reduced their energy spend by over 35 per cent.

This means that Dawn Tools’ annual energy spend is expected to drop from $40,000 down to $24,500.

The company has locked the new rates in until the end of 2023. The next step is for Leading Edge Energy to track the market and explore any opportunities for forward purchasing beyond 2023 if wholesale rates drop.

“We did not know that Dawn Tools was under the wrong market classification and we also did not realise that we could be making such a big saving just by submitting the right paperwork. Milad identified this great opportunity for us and will advise us of any other savings we can make further down the line.” – Evan Thompson General Manager Dawn Tools.

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