50 percent network tariff saving for BBS Flooring Products

If you engage the services of an energy broker, you expect them to find you the best possible deals and savings that you can make in the energy market.

Does it always work that way? Sadly not. 

Leading Edge Energy’s  Sales Manager Ewen Beard reached out to BBS Flooring Products – a member of the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance – to see if we could identify opportunities to save them some money.

Ewen’s first touchpoint was network tariffs, but owner Will Bateman was initially a bit hesitant to engage as he did not think it was possible to make any savings in this area, given that he already engaged the services of another energy broker.

Network tariffs are the fees that go towards maintaining the network – also known as “poles and wires” charges, which can account for between 30 and 60 per cent of an electricity bill.

Ewen audited the company’s billing data and network tariff and found that United Energy was charging the incorrect network tariff rates to his business. 

By switching them over to the appropriate network tariff bracket, Ewen was able to eliminate very costly peak demand charges, resulting in a 50 percent saving, down from $15,600 to $7,500 per annum.

“Ewen found savings in places we had not looked. His industry knowledge was superior to other energy consultants we have spoken to in the past. I’m not impressed easily. Ewen was impressive” – Will Bateman owner of BBS Flooring Products

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