St Kevin’s College electricity and gas spend reduced by $44,000 per annum

St Kevin’s College is spending $44,000 less on electricity and gas per year with the assistance of Leading Edge Energy. After carrying out an electricity and gas audit, we identified various ways to reduce the college’s outgoings on utilities.


The college used to have seven separate gas accounts, which we combined into one single plan. We secured the most advantageous deal, which resulted in $24,000 in savings on gas, per annum.

Small electricity accounts

We combined three small electricity accounts onto one single plan. This reduced their energy spend by $14,000 per annum.

Large electricity accounts

When analysing the college’s large electricity accounts, we found that one was in the incorrect market classification. We upgraded the site’s account to the large market specification, which resulted in a direct saving of $6,000 per annum.

Alignment of contracts

As part of the energy tendering process, Leading Edge Energy aligned all of the large market sites to the same contract end dates to make admin life easier. Leading Edge Energy will next ensure that St Kevin’s College renews their energy contracts at the optimal time to secure the best deals when locking in their next contracts.

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