Bill analysis

$12,900 credit refund for the Port Campbell Hotel

October 29, 2018

Leading Edge Energy secured a $12,900 credit refund for the Port Campbell Hotel in Victoria after opening a successful case against their energy provider for overcharging.
Our client took over the leasehold for the Port Campbell and requested to sign up to a small business plan with Origin Energy.
Origin confirmed that they had signed up to the small business plan, however they were actually put onto large business default rates at 27.5c/kwh for peak, and 15c/kwh for off-peak, plus all other charges.
When we audited the client’s bill, it became apparent that they had been put on the wrong default rates. Leading Edge Energy opened a case with Origin informing them that our client had been paying more than they should. Acknowledging the error Origin provided 13 months’ refund in credit.  

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