Energy Procurement

$22,000 per annum energy spend reduction for Gibbons Real Estate Group

December 3, 2018

Gibbens Real Estate Group saw its energy spend reduced by a total of $22,000 per annum after Leading Edge Energy contracted their energy rates early.
By contracting early, we managed to reduce the energy spend at their Wyong branch by $14,000 per year.
We also reduced their spend by $8,000 at their West Gosford site, by contracting rates early.
Leading Edge Energy assisted in moving one of Gibbens’ sites resulting in a direct saving of 44% on charges at the site.
We also got a tariff change approved and new energy rates applied retroactively when a tenant moved out during their contract period. This saved Gibbens $2,100 and $700 month ongoing.

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$150,000 reduction in energy spend for Blackwall Real Estate

November 12, 2018

We helped Blackwall Real Estate reduce their energy spend by $150,000 by going to tender on the wholesale electricity market at the ideal time.
Blackwall had a number of sites purchasing energy individually from a range of retailers.
The management contacted Leading Edge Energy to see if there was any way to reduce their energy spend, which was putting a big dent into the business.
We analysed Blackwall’s group sites setup and immediately identified that we could group them together to leverage more purchasing power on the wholesale market at the ideal time.
We calculated that going to tender on the wholesale market would result in an average 20 percent saving.

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$60K per annum cheaper energy rates for the Capricorn Hotel

October 16, 2018

The Capricorn Hotel in Queensland is now paying energy rates that are $5,000 per month – $60k per annum – cheaper than the previous contract after Leading Edge Energy took over their procurement process.
The Capricorn Hotel engaged Leading Edge to analyse their energy accounts as the exorbitant bills they were receiving were putting pressure on the business.
Leading Edge took its detailed approach and found that the hotel would benefit from moving from a small business energy plan to a large business contracted plan.
The Capricorn Hotel was on a plan with Ergon on a bundled bill and paying very high rates. When you factor in that the business is energy intensive, you have a recipe for disaster.
Leading Edge Energy carried out a competitive tendering process and tracked the National Energy Market movements to obtain the best possible rates available for the Capricorn Hotel.
Send us your energy invoice and complete our authority form for a complimentary energy evaluation. We will analyse your energy rates; network rates; energy efficiency; and present you with a rooftop solar feasibility report. Contact our Energy Management Consultant Ewen Beard today on tel: 0481 345 181 or by email on

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$19,000 per annum saving for Neuendorf Farming after Leading Edge Energy rates fix

September 12, 2018

Neuendorf Farming made an instant saving of $19,000 per year on their electricity bill after Leading Edge Energy switched them from a small business offer to a fixed commercial contract, giving them access to wholesale rates.
The owners did not realise they were paying 25% more than what they should have been paying.
Their retailer Origin had them on an SME tariff, where they were paying a high rate of 23c/kwh for their electricity. LEE organised the switch to wholesale market rates, locking in an energy contract that was cheaper and gave the business long-term security of supply at a fixed rate.

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