Edify Energy Proposes Massive Solar and Battery Project Adjacent to Rebuilt Callide Power Station 

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Edify Energy’s proposal to build a 200 MW wind farm and 800 MWh battery adjacent to Callide C is gaining significant traction. 

The large-scale solar and battery project will be constructed right next to the recently rebuilt Callide coal-fired power station to take advantage of the existing transmission infrastructure. 

The proposal is similar to AGL’s venture to repurpose the Liddell site, which was shut down in 2023. 

AGL plans to install a 500 MW grid-scale battery with solar, wind, and hydrogen facilities options at the Liddell site.  

The Proposed Project 

Edify Energy’s proposed Callide solar farm will have a capacity of 200 MW and will be complemented by a four-hour battery system with 200 MW and 800 MWh storage capacity.  

The site is located approximately 7 kilometres northeast of Biloela. 

Callide Power Station’s woes 

The Callide coal-fired power station made headlines in 2021 when the C4 unit exploded, causing significant disruptions and widespread power outages.  

Following this, the cooling towers’ structural problems led to the shutdown of the C3 and C4 units.  

The C3 unit has recently returned to service, but C4 remains offline and is expected to return to service on 31 July 2024. 

Owners CS Energy and IG Power are facing huge bills of more than $400 million to repair the generators, highlighting the ever-increasing cost of maintaining reliability at ageing coal-fired power generators.  

The forecast closure date for the Callide B units, which have a total capacity of 700 MW, is 2028.  

The Callide C units have a combined capacity of 848 MW and have no specific closure date set.  

Reports suggest that the closure of Callide C might be brought forward to 2039  

State Government Response and the Battery Blitz 

The 2021 explosion at Callide prompted the Queensland State Labor government to initiate a “battery blitz,” leading to the construction of numerous large battery projects.  

Network-Connected Batteries: The Queensland government is rolling out 13 large-scale batteries across the state.  

These include a dozen 4 MW/8 MWh batteries and an additional 4 MWh zinc-bromine flow battery, which will support the integration of rooftop solar and enhance local grid services. 

Greenbank Battery: The state government has announced the construction of the largest utility-scale battery in Queensland, a 400 MWh battery at Greenbank. It is set to be operational by early 2025. 

Akaysha Energy Projects: Akaysha Energy is developing two large-scale battery projects in Queensland, adding a combined 710 MWh of energy storage capacity.  

These include the 155 MW / 300 MWh Ulinda Park battery system near Chinchilla – the planned COD is 2025 and the 205 MW / 410 MWh Brendale battery system in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. Akaysha expects to commence operations in 2025. 

Supernode Project: Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is set to begin construction on one of Queensland’s largest Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with a 250 MW / 2-hour capacity at Brendale.  

The project aims to store surplus solar and wind energy, further aiding the displacement of coal-based power generation. Powerlink has provided a preliminary energisation date of Q2’25. 

These initiatives are part of Queensland’s broader strategy to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030 and Net Zero Emissions by 2050. 

Edify Energy’s Proposal 

Edify Energy has outlined its plans for the solar and battery projects in its application for approval under the federal government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.  

The project will be located on land currently used for cropping.  

However, Edify plans to introduce sheep grazing on the site as part of its strategy to ensure ongoing agricultural sustainability.  

Initially, 49 sheep will be part of a trial, with plans to scale up to 1,000 sheep within the project area. 

Comparisons to Liddell Power Station Repurposing 

Edify’s Callide proposal has drawn comparisons to AGL’s planned repurposing of Liddell Power Station in New South Wales, which officially closed in April 2023 after 52 years of operation. 

AGL plans to install a 500 MW grid-scale battery and explore options for solar, wind, and hydrogen facilities at the Liddell site.  

The focus on renewable energy and battery storage at both locations highlights the broader industry trend towards sustainable energy solutions and repurposing legacy coal sites. 

Edify Energy’s Track Record 

Edify Energy has track record of developing successful solar and storage projects in Australia.  

Their portfolio includes the first co-located solar farm and battery project at Gannawarra in Victoria.  

More recently, they completed the neighbouring Riverina and Darlington battery projects in southwest NSW, which are contracted to Shell and EnergyAustralia.  

These projects are located near the Darlington solar farm, highlighting Edify’s expertise in integrating renewable energy solutions. 

By leveraging the existing infrastructure near the Callide power station and incorporating sustainable agricultural practices, the project proposed by Edify Energy aims to enhance grid stability, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and support the transition to a cleaner energy future. 

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