Monitor your business’ energy consumption and save money on your electricity bill

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Leading Edge Energy can help you save money on your business electricity bill by tracking energy consumption patterns, identifying waste, and taking corrective action.

We offer this service through the free installation of smart hubs. These smart gadgets allow us to monitor energy consumption and identify exactly how much electricity you use, where you use it and what you waste.

But we don’t just stop there. We also find ways to eliminate that waste to make your business more energy-efficient, saving you big $$$.

After all, each unit of electricity wasted is money that you could be saving to spend elsewhere. 

Have you ever thought about how much you could save on your electricity bill by engaging the services of a trusted energy broker

We can realistically expect to reduce your consumption quite drastically by changing your lighting and by improving the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Potential savings on your electricity bill

  • Lighting 80%
  • Heating & Air Conditioning 60%
  • Refrigeration 30%

We analyse your energy consumption and help you make instant savings on your electricity bill

We will help you take back control of your electricity bill by monitoring your energy consumption and helping you make smart choices that will save you money.

After monitoring and analysing the information from your smart energy hub we will provide expert advice on how to become more energy efficient. We will identify specific ways that your business can reduce overall consumption and save on energy bills. Best of all, you will get this $1,000 service at no cost. 

In short, we will help you:

  • Identify areas where you are wasting energy
  • Identify solutions that will save you money
  • Implement behavioural changes
  • Monitor results to identify more opportunities

How installing a smart hub will save money on your electricity bill

The smart hub system monitors up to 10 circuits within each of your sites. It will monitor refrigeration units, air conditioning units, hot water systems, lighting and other energy-intensive equipment.

Through the smart hub, you will be able to clearly monitor which areas and specific devices are consuming the most energy at any given time.

This knowledge gives you the power to make energy-smart decisions and make substantial savings on your electricity bill.

With your smart management hub, you can also keep track of your energy consumption, regardless of your location.

What next?

Once we begin monitoring an account, we can recommend strategies to curb wasteful energy use and increase your energy efficiency.

We will be looking at trimming even more off your electricity bills by identifying practical ways to reduce consumption, manage it better, and reinforce positive behavioural change towards how you use electricity.

Solutions include energy-saving lighting, variable speed motors, soft starters, replacement of equipment, behavioural change and administrative action.

Leading Edge Energy will also evaluate the business to tailor a behind the meter PV solar generation plant to further slash bills, reduce carbon footprint and increase independence from the grid.

What action is your business now taking to control energy cost volatility?

Finding ways to save money on your electric bill can be rather complicated. Fortunately, our Energy Management Consultants in Leading Edge Energy can guide you through the entire process from rates minimisation to energy procurement to solar power and storage procurement and more.

Get in touch with us today for a free evaluation to help you make smart decisions that will lead to substantial instant savings across all your business sites.

Call us today on  1300 852 770 or email us on to get started!

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.