Start off the 2020 Australian Financial Year right by saving on energy

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The new financial year in Australia is here and businesses would normally have their budget plans in place by now. But with the unprecedented challenges brought by 2020, there are developments that business owners need to take into account like the cost of commercial and industrial electricity and gas.  

As such, our Energy Experts thought to share some energy-saving tips that are more apt for this still-uncertain financial year. 

Preparing your commercial energy plan for the new financial year in Australia 

1. Take advantage of the federal government’s relief programs 

Even before the pandemic, the government has been awarding businesses various grants and incentives to encourage energy efficiency measures, such as these programs in NSW and South Australia

But there are now COVID-19 relief packages for qualified businesses. For instance, Queensland’s power bill assistance package provides a $500 rebate to small business owners with existing electricity accounts that use less than 100,000 kWh annually. 

There are similar schemes all over such as cash flow assistance, temporary credit relief, industry support packages, and payment support. 

2. Check your electricity and gas provider for hardship support offerings

Given the business slowdown that occurred due to COVID-19, some companies may need some help paying their bills. Fortunately, energy providers may be offering hardship support programs such as staggered payment schemes.

3. Invest in energy-efficient equipment and technology

Those who want to welcome the new financial year in Australia with lower bills should outfit their commercial or industrial site with energy-saving technology like refrigeration systems, HVAC, and computers that are in line with  Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) standards. 

4. Take a deep dive on your energy bills and manage them

A key to reducing your power use and bills is managing them. But business owners are too busy growing their companies to dedicate too much time on this. That’s where Leading Edge Energy’s expertise comes along. 

We can help commercial energy users create a viable plan for energy savings. (You can also check out our articles on understanding the types of electricity bills and how to know if you’re being overcharged.)

5. Re-evaluate your business’ energy contract

Although we’ve been enjoying some of the lowest prices of electricity in Australia in recent years, there may be a chance that your company isn’t enjoying the benefits yet. If that’s the case, it’s time to find a better energy deal. 

Start with an assessment from an energy broker (we offer this for free). They’ll find the remedy for your expensive electricity contract with options like:

  • signing up to a blend and extend contract scheme;
  • switching to solar power;
  • getting a better deal from an energy provider; and
  • Integrating energy-efficient upgrades. 

6. Go solar

The initial investment in solar is considerable but you will see lower energy bills in the long run. Plus, there’s the possibility of attracting more environmentally conscious customers when your efforts towards sustainability are recognised.

7. Talk with Energy Experts 

Coming up with an energy savings plan may seem overwhelming when coupled with all the concerns of running a company – to say nothing of the developing situation that’s still affecting businesses. Fortunately, Leading Edge Energy is more than equipped to assist you with this.

Whether you’re struggling to understand your energy bills, looking for a better electricity contract, or hoping to get on top of your business’ energy consumption, we can offer the skills and know-how, all obligation-free!

Call us at 1300 852 770 to learn more or get started by filling out our form today!

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