What does it take to get a good energy deal? A commercial energy consumer’s guide

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As an energy consumer, you want to save as much money as you can on your business electricity and gas plans. But what exactly do you have to do to get a good energy deal? Where should your business start? We know you have some questions running through your mind about this and we’re glad to give you some answers.

How do I know if I’m on a good commercial energy deal?

If you went directly to an energy retailer when you first signed up for your contract and you haven’t switched providers since then you’re likely on the standard contract. More often than not, you’re paying too much for your electricity or gas. 

Granted, they may have given you a conditional discount at some point but unless you meet their prerequisites consistently during the contract period, then you’ll still end up at square one, aka, the generally pricier default offer.

So, what’s a good energy deal? It’s one that gives you better rates for the entirety of your contract so you can keep more of your company’s profits each month. You can find a good deal by shopping around for an energy contract but it does take a lot of work. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty later, but we think you may find that you’ll want the help of energy experts.

Is there an ideal time to look for an energy contract? 

You should start looking around a while before your contract is about to end. Otherwise, your account may be automatically renewed. 

By the way, your contract ends when it lapses, if your business’ energy consumption level changes or if you’re moving to a new location.

What should I be doing to get a better deal for my business’ energy contract?

Comparing deals for energy contracts

Do your due diligence. There are a lot of commercial energy retailers all over with different offerings for businesses. So, it’s worth taking the time to inspect what’s available to you.  

And if you want a good idea of what to expect when you’re signing up for a new contract, you’ll want to follow the rises and dips of energy futures prices on the National Energy Market. 

Movements on the NEM can help you determine how much your contract might cost in the long term, based on futures prices. Admittedly, this can be complex and confusing; many factors can affect the energy market including supply and demand, market conditions, and even extreme weather. 

If all of these sound time-consuming and complicated, you’re right. However, it’s absolutely worth it if you want to save your business money. Luckily, energy experts like Leading Edge Energy can handle everything for you, from surveying the best available deals to analysing futures prices to giving you data-based advice, all to ensure that you’re getting the most savings without having to make sacrifices on quality and service.

I’m still in the middle of my contract but I’m worried that when it ends, prices are already going to be too high. Should I just cut my contract short?

If your commercial electricity contract is still ongoing, ending it ahead of time will have you pay costly exit fees. Take a pause and chat with an energy expert before deciding to pull the plug!

Check if you might be eligible for a Blend and Extend offer. We write more extensively about Blend and Extend but, briefly, the offer is applied when your contract is not yet over but you want to renegotiate it. Essentially, this will extend your business contract with your provider, but you also get more affordable rates compared to the offer you might get if you wait until your contract finally expires.

Now if Blend and Extend isn’t an option for you, you can pump the brakes on your contract. While you may need to pay the exit fees, if you know what you’re doing, switching energy providers may end up cheaper in the long run. We can assist with this so you can get positive results your business is after.

I don’t have the time to analyse my bills, compare offerings from the various energy providers and keep an eye on the NEM! Who can I ask for help?

We get that you want to spend your time focusing on your business’s core functions. But skipping the above-mentioned steps means you won’t have the relevant data that may help you make money-saving and energy-efficient decisions for your business. 

But the good thing is, you can get some assistance on this from experts whose calling it is to find companies like yours opportunities for saving on electricity or gas. Energy management consultants and brokers like Leading Edge Energy have the technical know-how and important networks that can help you get the best possible deals on your energy contract.

Or I could just use an energy price comparison app or website, right? 

It’s true that energy comparison websites can be useful, but they won’t give you the same insights as our Energy Experts (as we call our brokers in Leading Edge), nor will they offer the same customer service a human energy management consultant does. 

As we’ve learned in our years in Leading Edge Energy, procuring commercial electricity and gas services and finding ways to become energy efficient can be very nuanced. Sure, we can handle the same technical analysis that comparison software can probably do these days, but our onsite assessments, ability to understand our client’s unique needs and the positive relationships we’ve nurtured with some of the country’s top energy retailers all contribute to how Leading Edge helps your business get the best energy deal. 

Basically, we analyse your bills and usage to see how we can reduce your energy spend, go to tender and collate the best offers from the top energy providers in your location. And after you choose the company and tariffs you want to go with, we’ll handle everything needed to get your energy contract and service started.

We’re not knocking energy comparison websites but working with committed and reliable energy experts face to face is just another level. 

Are you interested in getting a good deal on your energy services?

Contact Leading Edge Energy for an obligation-free consultation to learn how to become more energy-efficient and save money on your commercial electricity or natural gas bills. Just give us a call at 1300-852-770 or register your interest by filling out our Get Started form and one of our Energy Experts will get back to you shortly.

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