$22,000 per annum energy spend reduction for Gibbons Real Estate Group

Gibbons Real Estate Group saw its energy spend reduced by a total of $22,000 per annum after Leading Edge Energy contracted their energy rates early.

Going to tender on the wholesale market is a surefire way to lock in rates which are cheaper than on demand.

Leading Edge Energy’s consultants constantly monitor the National Energy Market, which allows us to identify the best time to go to tender to secure the most competitive rates.

By contracting early, we managed to reduce the energy spend at their Wyong branch by $14,000 per year.

We also reduced their spend by $8,000 at their West Gosford site, by contracting rates early.

Tariff changes

Leading Edge Energy assisted moving one of Gibbons’ sites off a demand tariff because their consumption had changed significantly. This saved 44% on charges at the site.

Retroactive contracts

Lisarow site 2 – We assisted with setting up a new energy contract after a tenant exited during their contract period. Leading Edge Energy assisted with getting a tariff change approved and getting new energy rates applied retroactively. This saved Gibbons $2,100 and $700 month ongoing.

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