What can Energy Brokers do for your business?

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At Leading Edge Energy our experienced team has a long history of providing tailored solutions to a diverse client base. Here are just some of the ways our energy brokers have helped a range of businesses with problems as varied as their operations.

Businesses successfully helped by Leading Edge Energy’s energy brokers

St Maroun’s College

St Maroun’s College had fallen victim to a ‘set and forget’ approach to electricity procurement. As a result, they were on a default electricity offer and paying too much for their electricity.

To help them out, we analysed their invoices and were thus able to move the school to a market contract that delivered a whopping 21% reduction on their power bill.

Bill analysis is just one aspect of energy brokering but time and time again the benefit of expert eyes over an electricity contract delivers meaningful savings.

EWH Food Service

A network tariff change and meter amalgamation netted this food service supplier $16000 per annum in savings.
Prior to working with us, EWH Food Services had already engaged a number of energy brokerage services but only Leading Edge Energy identified that the business was on an incorrect tariff. In addition, one of the business’ sites had two separate electricity meters meaning they were paying double the metering costs. Our energy broker oversaw the switch to the correct tariff and engaged an electrical contractor to combine the meters, delivering $14000 and $2000 in savings respectively. 

Port Campbell Hotel

In this case, a billing error had increased the business’ electricity bill by close to 50 percent. The client was unaware of the error until Leading Edge Energy conducted a bill audit.

After identifying the problem we brought a case against their energy provider and successfully secured a $12900 refund for Port Campbell Hotel.

Sydney Freezers

By engaging Leading Edge Energy to act as their energy brokerage firm, this business saved $85000 a year!

We conducted a market analysis and identified the best time to go to tender for Sydney Freezers. After securing a competitive rate we moved the company from a default rate to a market contract knocking $67000 a year off the energy spend. We also identified a second account that had been set up incorrectly and was costing the company an extra $18000 a year – for nothing!

We are the energy experts, so you don’t have to be

As you can see there is a myriad of ways to pay too much for your electricity. Spotting all the opportunities to save takes a well-trained eye and a good energy broker is always looking for savings. If you would like to know where your business is losing money unnecessarily, contact one of our experts today by calling us at 1300 852 770 or e-mailing us at hello@leadingenegy.com.au.

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.