Streamlined savings for a 25-site hospitality group

The Solotel Group run some of Sydney’s most iconic pubs and bars and were looking to streamline energy management across multiple sites. So while they continued focusing on keeping their patrons happy and satisfied with their top-notch services, we stepped in to review energy contracts and processes.

The situation

Energy is a large expense for hospitality businesses and Solotel enlisted the expertise of Leading Edge Energy to help manage their spend across 25 sites. 

What we did

Our energy expert Ben Wallington began by reviewing the business’ contracts and negotiating additional features appropriate to the multi-site structure. Next he identified contract benefits that Solotel were entitled to but had not been generating significant energy savings. Finally we worked with Solotel to streamline their energy account processes to save time and stress!

“Ben was really easy to deal with and explained all our options making it easier to make decisions across all the sites.” – Mark Sutherland

We look forward to continuing to find savings for Solotel as we review their gas accounts.

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