Multi-site Energy

If your business operates across multiple sites, managing your energy usage and costs are more complex. This is exacerbated when those sites are in different states where regulations and tariffs are different.

We can help you take control of rising energy costs, so you can minimise grid dependence.

It takes the expertise and experience of Leading Edge Energy to efficiently manage the energy usage of businesses with multiple entities or sites in various locations around Australia.

But you’re in good hands with the multi-site specialists at Leading Edge Energy. Join over 1,000 businesses across many industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, and food production, in Australia who have entrusted us to help manage their multi-site energy needs.

How we’ll help your business

We simplify energy for you

Controlling energy costs is complex. Rates are driven by a range of variables and there are many competing service providers demanding attention.

We can make it easy for you. As your single point of contact, we can advise you on energy procurement, energy efficiency, solar, monitoring and more.

We are multisite specialists

Efficiently managing the energy of multiple entities or sites in a volatile market takes experience.

Our proprietary technology-driven and automated procurement platform ensures we have the firepower to handle large volumes of sites and tenders.

We deliver service excellence for less

To achieve our reasonable commission rates, we invested in technology to escape overhead costs.

This approach enables us to offer an expert service with low brokerage commission and metering fees.

We invest in your success

Our everyday focus is to reach your energy goals.

With our commitment-free service and no upfront fees, we are only successful if you are.

Energy Procurement

Leading Edge Energy’s procurement services include a full account structure and network tariff audit. If we find that your business is on an incorrect and more expensive tariff, we rectify this to get considerable reductions and then tender at the optimal time to obtain the most competitive rates.

Commercial energy tender

Leading Edge Energy has long-standing and robust relationships with all the major energy retailers in Australia. This means we can access the best rates and deliver tangible energy cost savings for our clients.

Our strong relationships, combined with our dedicated approach to analysis, negotiation, evaluation, reporting and quality assurance ensures we can execute a highly-competitive and time-bound tender for your business. We also help manage risk and business operating expenditure, so you can spend more time focusing on running your business, instead of trying to fathom the complex wholesale and retail energy markets.

Let Leading Edge Energy guide you through our quote process so your business can get the very best outcome for your business.

Our Quote Process

1. Bill Audit

Our experts check your invoice for any inconsistencies and pinpoint any openings for optimising your account.

2. Issuance of Quote Requests to retailers

We ask the retailers to submit proposals for your energy contract.

3. Analysis and evaluation of retailers’ quotes

We interpret and assess the submitted quotations.

4. We interpret and assess the submitted quotations.

We present you with a document that contains the condensed proposals, ranked with consideration of cost movement analysis, with our recommendations based on your business needs.

What this means for our clients

  • Market-leading energy rates
  • Improved risk management
  • Improved understanding of business energy contracts
  • Detailed quantified savings and comparison reports on offers
  • Best practice management, offers presented on a like-for-like basis
  • Benefit from our established and longstanding retailer relationships
  • Benefit from our established tendering system
  • Contract execution with administration services included
  • Significant time and cost savings

Review & Optimise Tariff Structures

Let us deal with the energy retailers on your behalf to ensure you have the best possible electricity and gas tariff structures for your business.

The energy experts at Leading Edge Energy have a deep understanding of what drives energy markets and tariffs. The energy market is complex and subject to volatility in regulations and rates, which can result in anomalies in costs for commercial and industrial customers.

Our energy procurement service provides you with a detailed analysis of your usage patterns and billing data. We analyse this data to determine if you are paying more than you should be.

As soon as we identify tariff plan anomalies, we present you with a detailed report and a proposed solution for your business. Based on these findings, we will instruct the retailer to restructure your account to deliver immediate financial savings. We can do this before even putting your contract out to tender, which will drive even further savings.

What this means for our clients

  • Save time dealing with energy retailers
  • Expert advice on optimisation opportunities
  • Detailed forecast and report of quantified savings

Network Tariff Optimisation

Network charges are set by distributors to offset the costs of delivering electricity from the generator to retail customers. You might have heard these referred to as the “poles and wires”, and they are overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator. Network costs make up about half of the average electricity bill. Through our Network Tariff Optimisation service, we make sure that you pay only what you owe.

Because distributors have their own set of complicated tariffs and charges, many businesses accept the costs at face value, not realizing there are significant savings to be made if you ask the right questions. That’s where Leading Edge Energy can help – we have the expertise in sifting through the data and regularly reviewing the fees your company pays to ensure you never pay more than you need to.

Doing this allows us to check if your current tariff is the lowest possible rate based on how your usage data compares with the eligibility criteria for every other tariff. Our experts will then send you an easy-to-understand report that outlines if and where savings can be made.

Next, we contact your supplier, renegotiate terms, and request that your business’ account be put onto a lower tariff scheme.

What this means for our clients

  • Expert advice on tariff optimisation
  • Detailed forecast and report of quantified savings
  • Save time dealing with energy providers

How we’ve helped others

Blackwall Real Estate Group approached Leading Edge Energy to take a look at energy usage and expenditure across multiple business sites. We immediately identified an opportunity to group the various sites together to access wholesale rates in the energy market. We took this to tender on the wholesale market and calculated that Blackwall’s would achieve 20% savings on average, or $150,000.

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.