Looking for an efficient
procurement service?

It’s time to call in an expert.

The energy market is complex and unpredictable and requires dedicated focus. If it’s not your specialty, your business could face losses of time, resource and money should you choose to manage power in-house.

Why is
it so complex?

First up, you need to determine your organisation’s energy needs. Call multiple providers. Compare quotes. Analyse their services. Negotiate. Get the best deal. Monitor and evaluate your usage regularly. Analyse some more. That takes a lot of time and time means money which you could be utilising to concentrate on your business.

It’s a big job. Let someone else do it.

Why outsource Energy Procurement?

Leading Edge Energy can simplify the whole process for you. As your trusted energy experts, we’ll take the lead on managing your energy procurement efficiently and effectively whilst you focus on running your business.

We’ll get the best deal:

No more guessing your energy costs. We negotiate consistent prices (including across multiple sites) for your business.

We’re in-the-know:

You won’t miss an opportunity. We’re up to speed on the latest energy policies and incentives meaning you’ll capitalise on any suitable opportunity to be energy efficient and pay less.

We’re experienced:

As specialists, we’re positioned to guide your organisation through the complete picture of energy challenges and solutions. No unexpected surprises.

We’ll make it simple:

Choose our “energy as a service” option if you’d like Leading Edge to assume ongoing energy management for you.

Here’s how
we do it

We deliver an energy plan for you that optimises your usage at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, Leading Edge will conduct an extensive account structure and energy tariff audit.

Energy Procurement Packages

After nearly 10 years at the forefront of the energy market, we know our clients have individual needs and require different levels of involvement from us. With this in mind, we offer four levels of Energy Procurement Packages with varying inclusions:

Most popular package
Single Site competitive tender – all retailers
(max. two times to market)

(max. three times to market)

(max. three times to market)
Solar Feasibility Study
Review and analyse your current tariff structure
Optimise your network tariffs
Going to market in a competitive tender process
Monthly bill validation
Energy strategy session
Multi-Site competitive tender
from $1000
from $1500
from $2000

1. Current Bill Analysis

The savings are in the detail. Our energy specialists will review your business’ current usage patterns and billing data with a view to identify inconsistencies and pinpoint opportunities to optimise your energy management, saving you money.

2. A Personalised
Solar Snapshot

Our Solar Feasibility Study forecasts your costs, breakdown your benefits, shows your investment timeline and its financial return. It outlines what your energy system could look like and how we can help you achieve it.

3. An Energy
Strategy Session

Get a market review, the latest industry insights and market timing advice in a dedicated one-hour strategy session with a Leading Edge Energy Management Consultant.

4. Are you a Group or
a Multi-site Business?

The platinum package is the optimal solution for you. Over 1,000 businesses across multiple industries in Australia have entrusted us to manage their energy. Brown Brothers, Employers Mutual and FAL Construction Group are a selection of multi-sites who have chosen to work with us to drive their energy usage and spending down. Read more here.

Case Study

We helped a leading Dining Group save $1.8 million over three years by procuring natural gas and energy on the wholesale market. The Dining Group was being charged exorbitant prices. When we sat down with them in an obligation-free environment, we soon realised that there were savings to be made. We analysed all their sites individually and as a whole and found that we could procure energy and natural gas on the wholesale market way cheaper than what they were being charged. But don’t take our word for it. Chief Operating Officer:

“Leading Edge Energy provided exceptional service and support throughout our full energy procurement tender process.”

LEE delivered a result which validated the projections which their Energy Management Consultants had made for our business. During the tender process Leading Edge Energy went back to market as prices moved numerous times to ensure we got the best outcome for our business. We decided to go with Leading Edge Energy over other consultants we approached at the time because of their thoroughness and transparent process.

Ready to call in an expert?

Complete the form and you will be assigned a dedicated Energy Management Consultant.

Package Terms & Conditions

How many times will Leading Edge tender for my business?

Each package states the number of times Leading Edge will approach the market to tender for your company’s energy (outlined as “number of times to market” above). To enable Leading Edge to capitalise on market fluctuations for your business, choose a package with more than one tender round. Speak to your Energy Management Consultant for advice.

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.