Gippsland Food & Fibre members make a combined saving of $132,445

In the one year that Leading Edge Energy has partnered with the Food & Fibre Gippsland Association, we have helped six of their members save a total of $132,445 on their energy expenses. 

We struck up a relationship with Food & Fibre Gippsland in the firm belief that we could help their members make real and fast savings on their energy.

The association serves businesses in the food and fibre sector within the Gippsland Region.

Members vary from small butchers to dairy farms and other large food manufacturers to forestry and hemp producers.  

It helps members manage their business and interests, focusing on key business cost areas, problem areas, government policy and international trade.

One of the best outcomes was achieved for Gippsland Dairy, which will save $45,744 over four years after a market reclassification exercise.

The dairy farm was previously classified as a small market contract and has since been moved to a large market contract.

Burra Brewing was in a similar situation, having been placed in the small market contract classification. 

We moved them to a large market contract, and they are set to save $24,904 over four years. 

We have also helped four other Food & Fibre Group members make savings on their electricity bills.

Member NameAnnual SavingsContract TermTotal Savings
F&FG Member$4,4013$13,203
F&FG Member$10,3854$41,540
F&FG Member$5482$1,096
Burra Brewing$6,2264$24,904
Gippsland Jersey$11,4364$45,744
F&FG Member$2,9792$5,958

“Clearly our members, through the early contracting uptake with Leading Edge Energy, have seen a real difference to their bottom line. Leading Edge Energy are courteous and efficient, quickly identifying where they can help businesses save money on electricity” – Food & Fibre Gippsland 

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