All you need to know about Multi-site Tenders and Energy Management Services

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Many businesses are becoming aware that reducing energy consumption can lead to savings, therefore improving their bottom line. However, taking those steps to become more energy efficient isn’t the most clear-cut path. And if the business happens to have more than one location, then the challenge will be multiplied. If you’re one of these businesses, you can always apply for multi-site tenders and have our Energy Experts guide you in managing your business’ electricity or gas consumption.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of multi-site energy tenders and energy management services.

What exactly are multi-site energy tenders?

This is a service provided by Leading Edge Energy to businesses with many branches or locations. Briefly, the prospective client’s energy contracts will be grouped. Then our Energy Experts request the country’s top electricity and gas retailers for the best rates they can offer for the multi-sites collectively.

When the client chooses to sign a contract based on the deal they prefer, Leading Edge Energy will execute a multi-faceted energy cost-reduction and management plan which will help the business lower their electricity or gas bills even more. This may involve onsite solar generation, lighting upgrades, HVAC maintenance and upgrades and more which we’ll check out with an onsite assessment. Additionally, clients can access up-to-date data on their sites’ consumption anytime, so they can make adjustments before their monthly cut-offs and save money.

Who can benefit from these services?

Any company that has more than one site can take advantage of this service. 

Why should my business look into multi-site energy tenders and management?

Let’s look into the difficulties a business with more than one site might face if they do their electricity and gas consumption management in-house:

1) Applying for energy contracts for many sites one-by-one can require a lot of time and legwork, especially if you want to compare the best offers from electricity or natural gas retailers.  

2) Commercial electricity and gas invoices can be quite complex and they don’t really tell users how their business consumes energy. Meter reports certainly don’t provide real-time data either. Without the benefit of energy management services, businesses won’t get a clear picture of how they use electricity so they won’t be able to make the appropriate actions promptly.

3) Despite understanding the importance of energy efficiency, businesses don’t always have the resources to manage energy consumption, and the tasks are usually relegated as secondary tasks to people who have other primary roles so some opportunities for energy efficiency and savings may slip through the cracks. 

What are the advantages of working with Energy Experts?

1) Instead of having to approach retailers one by one to get their proposals for your company’s different sites, our Energy Experts will take on your due diligence, in addition to making their assessments and analyses of how your business consumes energy so that our recommendations are data-driven and precise.

2) Normally one would have to contend with too many individual invoices for different sites but signing on for multi-site energy management allows you to receive consolidated billing and save you time from manually sifting through several monthly bills.

3) We have proven positive relationships with some of the country’s top retailers, so we can confidently assist you in getting the best deals on your energy contracts.  

4) As a business owner, you may already be familiar with how much time it takes to balance your energy bills against your consumption, budget, and profits. Leading Edge Energy’s Energy Experts have the skills, knowledge, and time to dedicate to ensuring that you’re hitting your energy efficiency and cost targets. And we can do it for multiple sites.

5) Subtract the time you’re spending trying to get on top of your energy costs because you’ll be delegating it to our Energy Experts, and then you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business! 

7) There are no roll-in or roll-out fees. This means that you won’t be charged termination fees if you decide to remove sites from a contract (roll-out) and if you decide to add a new site to the contract, you can still benefit from the same group rates without a service fee (roll-in).

We will explore all possibilities that can help bring down your energy costs as applicable to your needs and situation. 

Long story short? Leading Edge Energy is experienced and dedicated to managing not just one but all of your sites’ energy use and finding ways to get you more savings to boost your bottom line. We make it easier for you. You can focus on doing what you do best because we do what we do best.

Sound good? 

Get started here. Or, if you only have one business site, you can still benefit from our multifaceted and comprehensive energy cost-reduction process. As experienced energy brokers in Australia, we can help businesses like yours negotiate better electricity or natural gas deals with retailers.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us at 1300 852 770 or email us at We’re more than happy to help.

Leading Edge Energy is proud to be a signatory of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers.